Dental Implants

Treatment Type Price in Thai Baht Price in USD (approx)
Dental Implants
(fees quoted for per implant inclusive of implant post, abutment, crown & surgery fees)
Single Missing Gap Replacements
Single Dental Implants Promotions

For single implants, conventional standard tooth implants or immediate placement implants may be done. Prices quoted already includes the dental implant surgery fees, implant post, abutment and crown on implant. Conventioanl Implants are paid over 2 installments.

Titanium Dental Implants

Nobel Biocare 85,000 2,361
Straumann SLActive 85,000
(promotion from 95,000)
NobelActive 85,000 2,361
AstraTech 85,000 2,361

Roxolid Dental Implants

Straumann Roxoild SLA 85,000
(promotion from 100,000)
Straumann Roxolid SLActive 90,000
(promotion from 110,000)
Single Immediate Implant
ITI Straumann Roxolid™ SLActive™ 100,000 2,777
Multiple Missing Gaps Replacement

Prices are quoted inclusive of surgery fees, implant posts, abutments and tooth bridge.

Dental Implant BridgePromotions ( 2 implants with 3 units bridge) For consecutive 3 missing gaps, teeth implants with a bridge consisting of 3 unit crowns on the implants may be done to replace missing gaps.

ITI Straumann Roxolid Bridge 190,000
(promotion from 215,000)
AstraTech Bridge 190,000 5,278
Nobel Biocare Bridge 190,000 5,278

Dental Implant Bridge Promotions (2 implants with 4 units bridge) For consecutive 4 missing gaps, 2 teeth implants with a bridge consisting of 4 unit crowns on the implants may be done to replace missing gaps.

ITI Straumann Roxolid Bridge 210,000
(promotion from 230,000)
AstraTech Bridge 210,000 5,833
Nobel Biocare Bridge 210,000 5,833
Full Jaw or Full Arch Gap Replacements

Prices are quoted for per jaw inclusive of surgery fees, implants and prostheses

Dental Implant Dentures
Full Arch Reconstruction with 2 Implants and Overdentures

A jaw with no teeth may be restored easily with overdentures. The overdentures are attached or snapped to the jaw using either a locator ball or bars to prevent it from slipping and sliding as with conventional dentures. 2 Implants with Overdentures is an economical option and effective solution. The full dentures is removable.

Straumann 200,000 5,556
Full Arch Reconstruction with 4 Implants and Overdentures

A jaw with no teeth may be restored easily with overdentures having 2 implants or 4 implants for a better fit and attachment. 4 Implants with Overdentures provides a secure and effective solution. The full dentures is removable.

Straumann 370,000 10,278
Implant Bridges
Full Arch Reconstruction with Implants and Fixed Bridges

A jaw with no teeth may have it teeth restored smiliar to having a new set of teeth with fixed bridges. Bridges on implants are fixed so it acts similiar to having teeth again.

Description ITI Struamann
4 implants + bridge(10 unit crowns) 460,000 12,778
6 implants + Bridge(12 unit crowns) * 670,000 18,611
All-on-4 and All-on-6
Full Arch Reconstruction with All-on-4 and All-on-6

Missing teeth on full jaw can be replaced with having dental implants with a fixed hybrid bridge for normal bone or cases with degree of bone loss. For certain cases, all-on-4 and all-on-6 implant treatment enables immediate function whereby a new set of teeth is obtained in one trip.

All-on-4 + Hybrid Acrylic Bridge (USA implant System) 400,000-450,000 11,111-12,500
Zygoma Implants
Full Arch Reconstruction with Zygomatic Implants

Zgyomatic implants are suited for cases with bone loss. Long implants are placed at the zygoma facial region in supporting a fixed hybrid birdges on the implants.

Branemark® System Zygoma TiUnite® + Acrylic Bridge 650,000 18,055

USD rates are calculated assuming the exchange rate of USD1 = THB36 and rounded off to the nearest decimal place. All treatment fees are charged in THB (thai baht), thus the above exchange rate in USD is an estimate and will vary with that current day's rates. Promotions may be changed without prior notice.

* The above prices with fixed bridges are for standard crowns. Prices will vary for all porcelain zirconium crowns on implants and the price/amount of gold in crowns. For the dental implant fees, the cost of x-rays, teeth extraction, bonegrafting and temporary prosthetics and surgical stent are charged separately, if required.

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