Epididymal Cyst

    An epididymal cyst (also called a spermatocoele) is a collection of fluid in or around the epididymis, the tubes that are on the back of the testicle.

    These are benign, and very common, being found incidentally in up to 30% of adult males aged over 40 years. It is not know why they occur. They often cause no symptoms, and are usually detected with an ultrasound scan done for another reason, but sometimes they are detected by a patient as a soft lump, separate from the testicle.

    Treatment is not usually required, unless they are large and causing discomfort or inconvenience. If they do need treating, it is by surgical removal, but most urologists will tend to avoid this in younger men who have not completed their families, as reduced fertility is a rare side effect. Even in older men who do not want further children, the operation itself can occasionally produce more long-term discomfort (the scrotum is a delicate area) than the cyst itself. However, these matters require discussion with your urologist.

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