Dental Implants

    Dental implants are the very latest advancements in dental replacement technology. Lost or damaged teeth can now be quickly and easily replaced with a more permanent, natural looking and functional alternative than bridges or dentures.

    If properly looked after, your teeth can last you a lifetime, but with increased longevity, more people than ever before are finding the need to look for replacements. In the past, people have used dentures or bridges to replace lost and damaged teeth,but both of these have their limitations and inconveniences.

    Dentures that have to be removed every night and glued in place every morning often come loose and shift in the mouth, making speech awkward and eating certain foods impossible. Add to this the discomfort many denture wearers feel and they are far from an ideal solution. While crowns are fixed in place, they need to be periodically replaced and often affect the surrounding teeth and gums. It is no wonder that many people have chosen not to replace lost teeth in the past, accepting instead the lost confidence that comes with unsightly gaps in their teeth.

    Just like natural teeth, dental implants have a root and a crown. The root is made of titanium, which has the best record of compatibility with the human body. Unlike dentures or bridges, the crowns on dental implants are attached to the implanted titanium root, which is in turn fixed to the jawbone. This makes implants more permanent than either dentures or regular crowns and allows them to fit as snugly and securely as the originals without adversely affecting any surrounding teeth.

    This means that they not only look completely natural, but they are also the closest thing to real teeth. No more taking dentures out every night or fixing them back in place every morning. Once the new implant has settled, it will feel and function like your original tooth. You will be able to smile and speak with confidence, and eat all your favourite foods without ever worrying about the implants. In fact, the implants are so alike natural teeth in appearance and feel that you will soon forget they are there.

    If you lack the confidence to smile because of one or more missing or broken teeth; if you wear dentures but find them uncomfortable or prohibitive to your quality of life, you could be an ideal candidate to take advantage of dental implants

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