Upper blephaloplasty

    “double eyelid surgery” creates a crease in the upper eyelid. This “supratarsol fold” is common in many races but is absent in many Asians. Surgery can create an artificial crease and make a “single-lidded” patient appear “double-lidded”.

    Double eyelid surgery had become extremely advanced in the past two decades. More beautiful and vibrant looking eyes through the desired crease are possible today.

    Conventional double eyelid procedure cannot serve all purposes of new generation who require not only a simple double lid fold but also the alteration of the eyes ‘size and shape to harmonize their faces. Several sophisticated techniques are created to do that now.


    Suturing double eyelid surgery
    Without cutting, three to five points of stab wound are made on the eyelid together with secured suture tucking the eyelid muscle to form the natural double lid fold. No visible scar and quicker recovery are the privilege. Not only double lid crease is created but vertical enlargement is also possible proceeding in the same time with our special suturing method or celebrity eye technique.

    Short incision double eyelid surgery
    Small incision is made on upper eyelid to remove the excess fat together with double lid fold creation. This is a good option for the patients who have puffy eyelid but do not require full incision.

    Full incision double eyelid surgery
    The open or full incision method is a common procedure for patient who have excess upper eyelid hooding or very thick skin eyelid. It’s also necessary technique for the patient who have inadequate eye elevating muscle function. Excess skin, fat and muscle will be removed and the wound will be closed with the tiny dissolvable suture, then just only fine line scar is left behind.

    To enhance your desired looking eyes, medial epicanthoplasty or lateral canthoplasty is probably a necessary procedure together with the double eyelid surgery.

    Double eyelid surgery can be performed in your doctor’s office, an outpatient surgical facility. It is generally performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation.


    Bleeding, infection, a slightly asymmetry of double lid fold or a reaction to the anesthesia are possible side effects.


    Bruising and swelling are more on 3-5 days and should be gone after one to several weeks depending on method. Suturing double eyelid surgery is much quicker recovery comparing with the others. You can expect to return working at approximately five to ten days.


    Double eyelid surgery will not only refresh and soften your eyes, but also possible making the eyes into your design. By our suturing technique, consistency and long lasting result could be guarantee.

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