Nose Surgery

    Your nose is probably the most prominent facial feature. The fact that it influences the appearance of your overall facial appearance requires that you pay close attention to it and if need be seek out remedial measures. Although yours may certainly be natural, having a small or large nose certainly affects you psychologically and may actually hinder you from socializing. Luckily, you can easily receive nose reshaping treatment and one place you can head to is Thailand.

    What is nose reshaping?

    Medically referred to as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping is a surgical treatment procedure that is specifically performed on the nose for the purpose of increasing or increasing its size and giving it a shape that blends well with your other facial features.

    Who can receive nose reshaping treatment?

    There are several reasons why you may be forced to seek out nose reshaping treatment. Apart from having a small or large nose, you may seek treatment in case you have a bump on your nasal bridge, you have a wide nose, yours is an off-centered nose or in case of injury. Surgeons performing nose reshaping Thailand do not only have the necessary training but also the necessary expertise and experience to perform the procedure.

    What does nose reshaping treatment involve?

    A surgical technique that a Thailand surgeon chooses to use in reshaping your nose will depend on how you want your nose to be reshaped. Generally, nose reshaping Thailand involves a surgeon making incisions inside your nose. This ensures that resultant scars remain hidden away. A surgeon may however be forced to make an incision across your nose’s vertical strip (open rhinoplasty) if necessary. Reshaping your nose will normally involve repositioning of bones and removal of some skin and tissue.

    How should you prepare to receive the treatment?

    Surgeons performing nose reshaping Thailand treatment insist on consultation before they can offer the treatment. It is through consultation that they get to know your medical history and your suitability to receive the treatment. It is also during consultation that you are obligated to inform a surgeon of your lifestyle and any medications/vitamins/supplements you may be using as such can no only affect your treatment but also prolong your recovery.

    What are the side effects and possible complications that may arise?

    Nose reshaping Thailand is generally safe with very minimal side effects. The use of anesthesia will certainly cause you a little headache. You may also experience swelling along incision line in addition to numbness. These however fade away a week or two after receiving the treatment. Although rare, associated complications include excess bleeding, infections and loss of sensation along incision lines. Thailand surgeons are however well trained to prevent occurrence of the same.

    How long does it take for one to recover?

    Generally, a week is enough for you to recover. You can actually enhance your recovery avoiding straining of your nose and bending often. Note that how fast you recover will ultimately depend on what you do at home. You should be able to resume your regular work or activity within two weeks.

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