Facial surgery

    Facial surgery or facial implants can be used to improve facial contours. Basically this cosmetic surgery procedure will help providing balance to your face and features. You will feel better about your look after facial surgery operation. To do facial surgery, there are many implants available and a variety of materials. The purpose of this implants and materials is to help strengthen a jaw line, bring your chin or cheek bones into balance.

    Facial surgery can be considered with chin surgery, cheek surgery, and lower-jaw surgery. Facial implant normally require only local anesthesia and we can combine it with a sedative. However general anesthesia is recommended. After the surgery you may get a swelling. Usually the peaking will be 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. It will be gone in about 7 days.

    In the healing process, you should limit your activities and dietary will be restricted. You ability of talking, smiling or moving your mouth will be limited for a week or two. You will be advised about dental and oral hygiene during the recovery process after facial surgery.


    When you decide to get a facial surgery it is recommend that you stop taking any medications or get a consultation from your doctor before applying this cosmetic surgery. To get the best result of facial surgery, you need to do the computer image for your face to see the different between before and after. If you have a chance to see the different before getting things done then you are likely to get the result that you want.

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