Day surgery center

    Day surgery center is an efficient facility where patients can obtain excellent medical care and return home the same day. Registration, preparation for surgery, recovery and discharge are all carried out at the same place, reducing the need for inpatient hospitalisation and delivering associated cost savings.Our centre is medically equipped to support advanced surgical techniques such as key-hole incisions , Laser prostatectomy and cataract surgery.

    Patients have access to experienced surgeons, anaesthesiologists, registered nurses and other staff, who deliver highly personalised and professional care for speedy post-operative recovery. With our operating teams trained in a range of specific sub-specialisations, the entirety of our surgical program is brought under one roof, facilitating a smooth transition from diagnosis to treatment. Patient care and safety is a key area of focus at the Day Surgery Centre. To minimise the risk of infection, we have installed hepa-air filtration systems to ensure excellent air quality during procedures.

    We also regularly conduct stringent tests for bacterial count, particle count and air exchange rates to deliver a safe environment for our patients.

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